Teenager’s anxiety between friends and mom

I started getting anxious, was having trouble with school, etc. She stopped talking to me, but I wanted to talk to her, I cried a lot, cried a lot, cried a lot. I would say more than I cried in years.

an anxious teenager

My mother told me to get counseling. I thought I was going to lose my Mom when she told me about therapy. I thought it was going to be a waste of time, I told her I was going to move to a new town, I just had a thing against it. It wasn’t that long after I moved to a new town that my Mom decided I needed to go. I said I wanted to go, she said that I had to move there for my Mom. I didn’t want to move there, but my Mom told me that she couldn’t take care of me and my sister at my old house. I said I would go if she would stay.

My Mom came over and had me and my sister in the living room and we sat and talked and had drinks. I asked about therapy and she said I should go to therapy. She left, but I said I would go. She came back with her friends, my Sister, and my brother. They tried to be nice and started to laugh and told us about how my Mom was so upset that we never went to therapy that we didn’t want to go. I was so mad. I didn’t want her to feel like she made me feel bad and that I didn’t like her. I was mad that she was so mean to me.

We went and I stayed there for two weeks. I cried, cried, cried. My Mom came over and we sat and talked and she told me how great it was to see me and my sister. She hugged us. My sister and I went back to school and she never went back. I think she was mad that I wasn’t doing well and she wanted to do something about it.

My mother told me that she wanted me to go with her to see my counselor, I said I wanted to go with my mom. She said I could stay at her house. I thought it would be a good idea. I wanted to be with her, not with her friends, but my friends. I told her I was going to school. She said okay. I stayed at her house, but I left her a message on her phone when I was leaving for school that I wasn’t coming back.

That’s when my Mom got mad. She called my Sister and said that I was not coming back, that I wouldn’t come back. I called my mother, I told her I didn’t want to go to school and I would be staying at her house for the next two weeks. She came over and told me that I was breaking up with her, that she didn’t know how to handle me. I told her I was sorry I broke up with her. I said that if she wanted to come over and help, she was welcome, but I was not going to leave her. She said I was not going to be home. I said that I could come back when I finished school and I would be at her house. She told me that I would be fine. I said that I was not going to be fine. I started to cry and she said that I was hurting her, that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I started to cry again and told her I would never go back to school. I was still going to school. She asked me why I was crying and I said I was sorry that I broke up with her, that I was sorry I was not happy with my life and I wanted to stay with her. She said I was selfish and hurtful and that I was being selfish.