Monologue from a lonely teen

Even at home i have some single parents who cant do anything about it. Sometimes i feel so angry my head hurts. I feel i have no hope to change my life. I do everything i can to find out why i feel this way but no one can help me. When i was in 10th grade my voice started to break out and my speech became weak and i have to use another person to do anything.

Even at home i have a single mom who dont care that i cant talk for more than 5 minutes. She says i cant talk for more than 5 minutes. She uses a cane to help her walk and gives her food. But i do not ask for help cause i feel that nobody cares about me. I cant go to school to study cause no one will be there. No one help me. I was once a student with more chances in life but the only way i can escape this life is to drop out.

a lonely teen playing phone by herself

Picking up my son from school, I wished it wasn’t like this. He is a bright boy with a great future. I can see him being a doctor, a lawyer, and a working professional. We need to change our political system so that everyone can stand on equal footing. We need more people with money to start businesses, as more people means a better country. I wish i could get my son to stay with me. I would love to teach him the way I did and not the way i feel. I wish i could have a family but i dont have the chance to have one. We need to take care of ourselves, but we cant do that if we live like this. I hope one day i can return to my childhood but i dont know when that is.