Introduction about Taiwan breakfast

In Taiwan, breakfast is traditionally a small bowl of tea with a simple meat of choice. Of course, many of the foods that are available in Taiwan today were introduced during the Japanese occupation.

Breakfast from Taiwan, China.

Today, there are a variety of unique breakfast meals available in Taiwan. Here are just a few:

Bougie (淨屋)

Traditional Taiwanese pancakes are now common in many restaurants, though the classic bungyeopao (粉粉汁) also remains popular.

Bok Choy (包花梅)

A popular street food in Taiwan, bok choy (bok choy = ‘buckwheat cake’) is made from a small potato with a filling made of cabbage, potatoes and chives. When combined with sugar and vinegar, the bok choy is made into a soft cake that is shaped into bowls and served on spoons. This popular street snack is made from a common Chinese vegetable.

Taro Pie (包米粉)

Also known as taro patao (粉粉梅), this soft and sweet cake is made from dried taro leaves and is covered with a light dough. The soft sweet cake is popular in Taiwan’s northern mountains, in places where it is far from cultivated fields. It is one of the main staples of the Taiwanese diet. The cake is eaten as a snack with freshly made soup and grilled tofu, or it is served in buns for breakfast.

Fishcake (棱湯湯)

Also known as hawg cake (水酢), this soft and sweet cake is made from a sweet potato and other vegetables, which is flavored with salt and chili. It is eaten by dipping the cake into a hot soup and then eating it with hot water. This popular snack can be found in many restaurants and homes.

Egg Roll (笔米)

Egg roll (笔米) is a popular street food in Taiwan that is made with several fried egg yolks, egg whites, shredded pork, vinegar and red pepper flakes. The soft and light cake is eaten with a slice of fish cake (bok choy) or as a snack. It is also served as a main dish at many traditional Taiwanese breakfast meals.

Yogurt Roll (米好好)

A popular street snack, yogurt roll (米好好) is made with yogurt, sugar, a slice of fish cake and red pepper flakes. These popular street snacks can be found in many restaurants and homes.

Spring Rolls (滝头焼肉)

This popular street snack is made with several spring rolls (鹿好) and one or two eggs. The tasty snack is eaten by dipping the spring roll into a soup of some sort and eating it with a slice of fish cake. The spring roll is often served with a small amount of oil, which gives the spring roll a more delicate and moist texture.